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- FIRM Symposium 2023 -

26th - 29th September, Hotel Cap Roig, Spain

About FIRM 2023

FIRM prides itself on hosting internationally-renowned keynote and workshop speakers.

Join us to exchange knowledge with leaders from both disciplines, offering an exciting opportunity for networking with experts in a relaxed setting.

The location

After a brief hiatus, we are back at Hotel Cap Roig on the north-east coast of Spain.

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Photo Credit: Hotel Cap Roig

Keynote Speakers


Dr Melanie Jimenez

University of Strathclyde

Innovation in flow cytometry - understanding diseases one cell at a time 

Dr Melanie Jimenez is a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow and Chancellor’s Fellow in biomedical engineering with recognised expertise in process engineering, developing microfluidic and sensory systems for medical and environmental sciences. Her work currently focuses on new fluidic-based systems for high throughput cell characterisation and sorting.


Melanie was a finalist for the title of UK Young Woman Engineer of the Year (2020) and became in 2021 an innovator officially recognised by the international society for advancement of cytometry for her contribution to the field .

Sam Moxon.jpg

Dr Samuel Moxon

University of Birmingham

Dr Samuel Moxon completed a BSc in Medical Genetics and a PhD in Regenerative Medicine at the University of Huddersfield. During his PhD, Sam worked in the labs of Prof Alan Smith (Huddersfield) and Prof Liam Grover (University of Birmingham). Together, they developed a novel bioprinting strategy and published a seminal paper in Advanced materials in 2017 with Sam as the lead author.


In 2016 Sam moved to the University of Manchester where he spent 6 years developing research and publishing several papers in applications of tissue engineering and bioprinting strategies to studies of the brain, spine and skeletal system.


In 2023 Sam expanded his research to the University of Birmingham and, as part of that, was accepted onto the highly competitive Innovate UK ICURe programme to explore commercial avenues for his work. Sam was formally recognised as a future leader in the field in 2023, receiving the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) Robert Brown Early Stage Investigator Award. Sam continues to work at the interface between biology and materials science with a strong focus on hydrogel systems for healthcare research.

Dr Zoe Hewitt FIRM.tif

Dr Zoe Hewitt

Co-Founder and CEO at Regenerative Cell Therapy Consulting, and UKRMP Project Manager - Pluripotent Stem Cells and Engineered Cell (PSEC) Hub

Dr Zoe Hewitt has a background in Pluripotent Stem Cells, which started with her PhD from the Roslin Institute/ University of Edinburgh. After completing her studies, Zoe worked with a team developing differentiation protocols for hepatocytes, before moving to the University of Sheffield in 2006, where she established and managed a clean room facility, which was responsible for deriving the UKs first clinically available human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Following the birth of her daughter in 2014, Zoe moved to become Project Manager for the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) in 2015, firstly for the Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform (PSCP) and now for the Pluripotent Stem Cell and Engineered Cell (PSEC) Hub winning the UKRMP Special Merit Award in 2017. 


In September 2022 she co-founded Regenerative Cell Therapy Consulting, a spin out company, which aims to assist academic research to transition from laboratory research, through to translational development, and to provide support to help them implement strategic visions which will enable the bridging of the valley of death and secure translational or commercial funding.

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