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Keynote Reviews

What do previous keynote speakers think of their FIRM experience?

“Overall a unique and outstanding meeting at different levels. First, it was truly an "interfacial meeting" where materials, fabrication techniques, and regenerative medicine met. Second, the quality of the participants and presentations was of very high level. Third, the size of the conference, venue, activities, and agenda were in my opinion ideal to maximise interaction, actively participate and learn, and network. I found it stimulating and productive and I look forward to our group engaging in it in the future.”

Prof. Alvaro Mata - Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

“FIRM is an exciting opportunity for me to learn about multiple aspects of stem cell biology all at once – from basic science to clinical use to commercialization. Further, as a keynote speaker, I have a great opportunity to interact with young scientists, forging collaborations and encouraging their creative explorations. The location really encourages and supports close interactions. FIRM really excels in that manner.”

Prof. Erik M. Shapiro - Michigan State University, USA

"It was a pleasure to attend the FIRM 2016 meeting that was organised extremely well by a small team of young, enthusiastic and talented graduates. The entire meeting ran to a an impressively tight schedule and it was an amazing experience for young PhD students and post-docs from all over Europe. The registrants had the opportunity to gain and grow in their academic arenas of Regenerative Medicine – getting the opportunity to present their work which was critically discussed in an easy audience, to pose questions to others, to network in a very friendly and pleasant environment, and take the opportunity to have their CVs critiqued and discuss their academic/industrial futures. There were informative panel discussions well organised to assist the registrants in grant and manuscript writing/planning for their futures/collaboration and mentoring techniques."

Prof. Jillian Cornish - University of Auckland, New Zealand